The first ever dedicated flat screen, pocket sized, solid
state, no moving parts, high quality digital image player.

•Scroll forwards and backwards through thumbnails
•View pictures moving forwards or backwards
•Rotate picture selected to portrait or landscape
•Presentation slide show mode "cut" from picture to picture or
•Presentation slide show mode professionally "Fade" from picture to picture
•Reads JPEG files.

Portable, battery operated, solid state digital Stills
CompactFlash / SmartMedia Players

Wallet - 4" diagonal Display
Overall dimensions:
4.75" (H) x 3.75" (W) x .88" (D)
Backlit LCD screen
320 x 240 Resolution, 24 bit color
1/4 VGA AMTFT with 110 degrees viewing range.

  The Photo Wallet by VideoChip is powered by two 3 Volt DL-123A
batteries which will last up to 3 hours running continuously.
The amount of pictures you can view on one card, on our Photo Wallet unit, is from 1 to 3,500 images, depending upon the density of your CompactFlash card. For example, if you have an inexpensive 4 MB CompactFlash card, it can hold up to sixty (60) 320 x 240 resolution images. A 340 MB card, or MicroDrive, could hold as many as 3,500 320x240 images on it. No matter how large or small your CompactFlash card mega bits are, our Wallet will play them all for you. .

Included with your purchase of the Photo Wallet are two DL-123A batteries, an AC adapter and our uniquely designed stand which will also protect your LCD screen when you travel.